Parliament Records 

(Specializing in R&B; HipHop; Rap; Soul; Blues and Gospel Music)       

About Parliament Records

Parliament Record Group was started in November 1978 by Ben Weisman, formerly known as a songwriter and music publisher (and owner of several record companies that he started in 1960). Mr. Ben Weisman, is the mastermind behind the highly successful Parliament Records/Parliament Gospel Records and Parliament Entertainment Records.

After being involved in the music industry as a writer for nearly 15 years, Benny decided taking the next step was an obvious thing to do. (Discovering such great acts as Atlantic Starr; Ben Harper (blues singer); Harmonica Fats and many others.

"Let's face it after so many years of active music writing and recording I found myself in a fairly bizarre situation - at the age of just 31 almost everybody told me I was “too old” to write songs for the new, young generation music market.. Sad and hard to accept, but probably true," says Ben Weisman. "I would like to believe that the one and only reason for creating Parliament Records is my undeniable passion for music.

The idea of letting other musicians benefit from my experience in the business made it very tempting indeed and last but not least - there is a lot of creativity involved in helping to build up other's careers".

Len Weisman, Producer-Engineer-Executive Producer and Personal Manager, a well-established producer with solid record industry experience, was Ben's first choice as a business consultant. "He's extremely good at what he does in all areas and his business knowledge exceeds mine many times over. While I may have a pretty good feel in terms of A&R, Len actually knows how to run a business," Ben comments on his consultant. "We have worked together since 1957.  I was more than impressed by his ability to find proper balance between art and cash. You really don't see it too often these days."

The company, along with a great team of producers, namely Bugsy, Dwight Emile, Ted Robinson Jr., J-Tiz, Alvin Choate and Damont Diggs, plus many more great new producer, focuses on music which can be defined as somewhat mainstream. "Parliament Records is about finding unique sounds in the flooded world of Gospel music; R&B music and HipHop/Rap music. We work with artists who we believe are different.
It is somewhat complicated to define our sonic orientation. We have been using the word "contemporary" even though the term fails to explain our philosophy in desired detail. Our goal is to grow with our acts and their fans," Ben Weisman explains the Parliament Record Group Philosophy.

As of today, the beginning of 2010, the Parliament Records Organization has put together over 15 top notch (and steadily growing) young producers who are capable in doing the music that Parliament Records specializes in.


Parliament Records Group Specializes in R&B; HipHop; Rap; Soul; Blues and Gospel Music.  The Artist roster presently consists of 2 RnB/Soul/Urban artists; 2 Blues artists; 10 Gospel artists and 3 Rap artists.


Parliament Records are looking for forward thinking executives and companies who can see the strength of such an organization and will put their resources, promotion, distribution and manufacturing strength behind this company.


Together our team combined with your team can create many hit records and artists.